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"Louis Nagel is a musician who thinks about the meaning of the notes he plays. He performs a wide range of repertoire with both emotional involvement and analytical understanding. Over our long friendship we have shared many discussions about repertoire, technique, and interpretive issues. His teaching and playing reflect his love and intellectual grasp of music. "

...Martin Canin, longtime piano faculty member and concert artist The Juilliard School

 "Four Centuries of Bach"

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I have written articles that have appeared in Clavier Companion, American Music Teacher, and contribute a column to the Michigan Music Teacher's Newsletter. I have also contributed chapters on Schumann's Papillons and the music of C.P.E. Bach to the two volumes of The Pianist's Craft.


Four Centuries of J.S. Bach

No, Johann Sebastian Bach did not live for four hundred years! But he occupies a pivotal position in the history of keyboard music. The works on this unusual CD span four centuries, exploring the influence on Mendelssohn, Hindemith and Shostakovich. Although some of these pieces were originally composed for the harpsichord, all of the works on this disc are performed on the modern concert grand by Louis Nagel. This recording is available at Equilibrium Records.

Click on the selected tracks below to hear a sample of the music.

1 Toccata (Girolamo Frescobaldi) 4:06
2 Toccata in D Major (Johann Sebastian Bach) 12:24
3 Prelude and Fugue in F Major (Johann Kaspar Ferdinand Fischer) 0:54
4 Prelude and Fugue in F Major (J.S. Bach) 2:01
5 Prelude and Fugue in E Major (Johann Kaspar Ferdinand Fischer) 1:59
6 Prelude and Fugue in E Major (J.S. Bach) 8:54
7 Prelude and Fugue in C Major (J.S. Bach) 5:14
8 Prelude and Fugue in E Minor (Felix Mendelssohn) 9:37
9 Fuga Tertia in F (from the Ludus Tonalis) (Paul Hindemith) 2:17
10 Prelude and Fugue in D Minor (Dmitri Shostakovich) 12:50
Total Playing Time 60:16

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