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"I was always very impressed when he played an encore, one of those short pieces which he improvised the spot. They always had a logical beginning, middle and end, I have never run across anyone else to the present day who could do that in that way"

...Roman Rudnytsky, International concert pianist and Professor Emeritus, Dana Conservatory

I have headed the Outreach in the Performing Arts program at the Music School and believe deeply in the concept of community involvement for classically trained performers.

And with particular pleasure, I have collaborated with my wife, Julie Jaffee Nagel, psychologist, musician, and author of the book Melodies Of The Mind in a variety of programs exploring the relationship between music and psychology.

Julie and Louie Nagel

Collaboration with Julie Jaffee Nagel, Ph.D.

Pedagogical and Psychological Approaches to Performance Anxiety (includes workshops with students)

A Dialogue between Mozart and Freud (composed by Julie Jaffee Nagel, Performance by Louis Nagel)

Lectures and Recitals on Mozart
Presentations on stage fright and stress in teaching

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Musical Lectures

HEARING VOICES: An exploration of keyboard music of J.S.Bach

SEEKIN' HAYDN: The wonderful world of the Haydn Sonatas

SONATA SONATA: Music OTHER than the the sonata, of Beethoven

ARE TITLES NECESSARY?, Exploring the genre of the character piece

Recent programs:

Württemberg Sonata Number 1 in A Minor-------------------C.P.E.Bach
Sonata in A Minor, K.310----------------------------------------Mozart
Pictures at an Exhibition----------------------------------------Mussorgsky

French Suite in E Major-----------------------------------------J.S.Bach
Sonata in E Minor-------------------------------------------------Haydn
Four Preludes------------------------------------------------------Debussy
  La Puerto del Vino
  General Lavine--Eccentric
  La Fille aux cheveux de Lin

Fantasy in C Major, Op. 17-----------------------------------Schumann

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